Dry-Cleaning Details

  1. Sign up and pay for the service. You'll need to provide your name and contact information to participate.

  2. We will bring you a specified bag for your dry-cleaning.

  3. Put your dry cleaning bag outside your door on Tuesdays by 2:00 pm.

  4. Wait for the dry cleaning service to pick up your bag. They should arrive by 3:00 or 4:00 pm and will take your bag to be dry cleaned.

  5. The dry cleaning service will clean and press your clothes and return them to you on hangers by Thursday afternoon.

The price will be 50$ plus
10$ per dress, two piece suit, and jumpsuit
4$ per button down shirt
7$ per pants, skirt, polo shirt, tie, sweater, sports jacket, shorts, blouse, and t-shirts
20$ per blanket
28$ per comforter
The company's owner is a Wake Forest alumni and wants to help the student body easily access dry-cleaning. We are trying to make this as cost-effective and convenient as possible. The 50$ is the breakeven cost of labor, gas, and supplies (bags and hangers), and the items are priced about 50¢ above breakeven. For us to be able to run this service for you.